Mobile devices and mobile apps are part of our daily lifestyle. We as the users expect that our data is private and safe. How does a developer start with writing secure mobile apps?

Tech lead and the engineer

This comic above describes a typical scenario at many mobile companies. The manager asks the developer to create an app with hundreds of features and make the app secure. Before we continue, and I assume the biggest audience for this article are engineers, how would you approach this problem? Where would you start?

Please take your time and think about it for a minute or two.


Apply the RxSwift-enhanced MVVM version in your iOS applications

Disassembled phone
Disassembled phone
Photo by Joel Rohland on Unsplash.

The purpose of this article is to introduce you, as someone interested in reactive programming, to the RxSwift framework and let you apply it in the fastest way possible.

I’ve discovered many different and great articles on RxSwift across the internet. However, I found that several were either too theoretical or too advanced in their approach or even slightly outdated. In comparison to the imperative programming style, reactive programming has a relatively steep learning curve. That is why I will leave out any marble diagrams and deep theory and start applying the RxSwift framework as soon as possible.

I hope…

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